Weird future.

Architects and interior designers are working hard to figure out what the new flex-office concept should embrace. No one wants to «get together» as before, so space, safety, and a sense of teamwork at the same time are all crucial aspects to take into account. No an easy feat.

I love Bill Gates’ effort and optimism. But most experts don’t believe vaccines will be readily available any time soon. A great movement —open-source pharma— is growing and might give the world some great breakthroughs, just like the free software movement did decades ago.

Futurists, CTOs, and managers are meeting to solve the new problem: most companies have to move to a delivery-based future format, specially and obviously restaurants.

How we pay and exchange value from one hand to other will also become extremely important. This will pump up digital solutions in countries like mine, where we people love cash. See, payday is a parade of long lines outside ATM cabins to withdraw bills. That’s about to change.

The current crisis is really just starting. It seems like a lot of time has passed by for most of us in quarantine since we’re not used to the fact that we have to adapt to a really long confinement. History, statistics, and medicine they all say we’re set to collide against many waves of this virus.

Scientists haven’t fully understood what the real behavior of this thing is since it appears to obey some patterns in some countries while in some others it seems to be absent…it is not, though. Russia thought it was out of danger and now its PM got infected.

There are too many factors to consider for this to be over. And I just wish to state how long the path is for us to stop talking all things COVID-19 all day, every day. Some have compared this to a 9/11 when the way we traveled changed overnight. This is like that, but it will also change how we get food + how physically interact + how we work + how we go to school, church, hospital, and the like.

Fashion will definitely change too. Apple, Nike, and companies in that vein will mass-produce masks/gadgets to keep up with our hunger for data and stylish protection. Someone said we’ll have a mask closet just like we have room for ties, shoes, and underwear.

There are many false economic and public health recoveries ahead of us. Beware.

Be digital. Be lean. Be fast. Be a realist. Be positive. Be very well self-organized. Be —today— an awesome citizen of the weird future that has just arrived.

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