Instituciones inteligentes.

La Universidad de Cambridge, Google, Twitter son organizaciones que no toman decisiones a la ligera. Todas ellas —y otras como ellas— han anunciado que extenderán el TDC (Trabaja desde Casa) para lo que resta del 2020, parte del 2021 y en algunos casos para siempre. Son instituciones inteligentes que no usan el pensamiento mágico deSigue leyendo «Instituciones inteligentes.»


The hottest thing in startupland these days is called «Clubhouse», which I see as the potential killer app in the smart speakers world. It can actually make them look and sound smart at last. Aside from the obvious ideas for owning an Echo, Home, and the like, this takes social interaction and voice to aSigue leyendo «Clubhouse.»

Weird future.

Architects and interior designers are working hard to figure out what the new flex-office concept should embrace. No one wants to «get together» as before, so space, safety, and a sense of teamwork at the same time are all crucial aspects to take into account. No an easy feat. I love Bill Gates’ effort andSigue leyendo «Weird future.»

Chief Nosy Officer (CNO)

CNO: Chief Nosy Officer, the guy in charge of reading shit from all over the world, making phone calls and travel to ask about peculiar little things happening in remote cities on the other side of the planet and prepare a dramatic brief for the team back home to somehow get ready for unlikely scenarios.Sigue leyendo «Chief Nosy Officer (CNO)»