NO notification activated.

I’ve proven time and again that most things don’t matter by intentionally living for years with ALL of my notifications turned off. I check my smartphone when I feel like it, not when it dictates it.

If you think you can’t pull off a stunt like this, see that as a wake-up call to design a strategy to get rid of most irrelevant constraints in life.

I have a huge ego. Even I know I am not that important. No one has died because of my not checking a message right away. A few things have gone wrong but honestly, I don’t remember them.

Full disclosure: I spend a lot of time on my smartphone, but mainly to check things like Stripe, write drafts on Bear, post things on social media, and to create stuff that usually only makes sense in the long term.

Most people get it wrong when they see me focused on a screen full of, say, Facebook. I’m producing content + having fun. They tend to just have fun. Lots of it. That’s why they feel guilty. I don’t. I’m building digital assets.

If you are not making great relationships/publishing evergreen content/finding awesome resources/making money on the internet, you’re using it wrong.

Entertainment is cool, but it quickly becomes a heavy tax on your future the more time you invest in it. Make your smartphone the powerful tool is meant to be.

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