International destination.

Quick and kind of easy plan to activate the economy in Mexico: make cities attractive to first world white collar workers. Most of these guys won’t need to get back to physical spaces after the confinement so they’ll be able to live anywhere. To make our Mexican cities attractive, two things we can start with right away: having a reliable internet infrastructure —not the shitty service we are so used to. The second thing is making English as a second language a priority, but for real. Centers, teachers, resources, all that money the government is throwing away, well, demand the people something good in return: learning this basic skill. Global tech worker wages used in Mexico can easily make a huge difference in our communities. Besides, some of what they do and how they see the world will also become a part of the mindset now in town. Americans and Europeans love our weather, food, people, beaches. Let’s work on making their stay more permanent. Dear random Mexican mayor reading this: upgrade your city’s goals. Make it an international destination.

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