Chief Nosy Officer (CNO)

CNO: Chief Nosy Officer, the guy in charge of reading shit from all over the world, making phone calls and travel to ask about peculiar little things happening in remote cities on the other side of the planet and prepare a dramatic brief for the team back home to somehow get ready for unlikely scenarios.Sigue leyendo «Chief Nosy Officer (CNO)»

Programmers on my mind.

I just realized children are parents’ APIs to whole new situations and relationships. Depending on how one raises them, they can be seen as an upgrade to our lifestyle or not. Also, another random thought: if you’re a programmer and that’s all your experience in life, you can’t create great apps/platforms for other industries inSigue leyendo «Programmers on my mind.»

Edge computing vs cloud computing.

We talk a lot about edge computing at VERSE Technology these days. Cloud computing is great and all, but many of the solutions our global customers and their smart factories need could be processed more locally, bringing cost and time down. Of course, this is not a «one size fits all». There are tons of sensitive thingsSigue leyendo «Edge computing vs cloud computing.»

Be resourceful.

Relax. Do stuff. Have fun. Learn. Inspire. Be curious. Love. Read a lot. Think, think, think. Do, do, do. Fail. Game over. Start over. No fear. Go north. Go south. Sleep a lot. Swim. Run. Walk. Write, write, write for your great-grandchildren. Breathe a lot. Smile. Fly. Be kind. Be nice. Nice, nice, nice. BeSigue leyendo «Be resourceful.»