Be resourceful.

Relax. Do stuff. Have fun. Learn. Inspire. Be curious. Love. Read a lot. Think, think, think. Do, do, do. Fail. Game over. Start over. No fear. Go north. Go south. Sleep a lot. Swim. Run. Walk. Write, write, write for your great-grandchildren. Breathe a lot. Smile. Fly. Be kind. Be nice. Nice, nice, nice. Be resourceful. Be dynamic. Flow. Polish yourself. Push yourself. Feel. Be wise. Wise up. Wake up. Search. Create. Sing. Hold her hand. Kiss her neck. Hesitate a bit. Create again. Talk. Wink. Flirt. Fall for it. Leave it behind. Take it and paint it. Embrace. Engage. Forgive. Ramble on and live like this.

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